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Die at the Races, Book 2 in the Eva St. Claire Mystery Series

Die at the Races, Book 2 in the Eva St. Claire Mystery Series

Eva St. Claire, a Salon Manager, wife, mother, and powerful witch, embarks on yet another adventure. This time she is asked by her husband's FBI agent friend, Jake Long to travel to Louisville, Kentucky the week of The Kentucky Derby, to help him find a murderer. But, not all is as it seems. Eva has to put on her acting shoes, as well as her magic hat, and figure out who would want to kill famed horse jockey Phillipe Cardoza, a participant in this year's Kentucky Derby. Is it the front runner and newcomer, Juliette Sutherland, a transplant from England and new to the horse racing circuit, who seems to be a thorn in Phillipe's back, Kai Armstrong, Juliette's ex-boyfriend who arrived just in time for the race, or is it prominent businessman and Churchill Downs Board member, Terrence Rivers, who has a lot of money riding on Juliette to be the first female to win The Kentucky Derby? It's anyone's guess... Things turn personal for Eva and Jake, and Eva needs him more than she ever thought. Her past continues to haunt her in this sequel to A Killer Cut. Will she finally be able to come to terms with her abilities, or will it end up destroying her? Book two is a little more dark and more intense, than the first. Let's take a short walk on the dark side, shall we?

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