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A Killer Cut, Book 1 in the Eva St. Claire Mystery Series

A Killer Cut, Book 1 in the Eva St. Claire Mystery Series

n a small town in Ohio, hair salons are a plenty, and when you branch out on your own and create a very successful business, others may feel animosity. When other salons lose clients to that new venture, you may even gain enemies. One such client, a prominent lady in the community had left her old salon and stylist behind, to follow the new up and coming salon and spa, A Cut Above. She was a hard client to please and everyone thought she was a snobby uptight old lady, and no one wanted to deal with her. Chrissy Cramer, one of the owners of A Cut Above salon and spa, didn't mind her too much, and she was a good paying client.
After the two had a major blow out in front of the whole salon, no one ever thought the outcome could result in death, but someone thought it deserved as much. Chrissy, now the prime suspect in her murder, knows she didn't do anything, but everything points back to her. Eva St.Claire, the salons Manager believes Chrissy, and she has an idea on just how to prove it. Her ideas may be a little unorthodox, and making the police believe her will be almost impossible, but with no other way to prove her bosses innocence, she digs up her past and delves deep into exactly what she ran away from over twenty years ago. Will she be able to prove Chrissy's innocence and not go completely back to that dark place she tried to leave behind, or will it all come crashing down, when the real killer is on to her.
Eva and Chrissy are both being left threatening messages, to stop probing into Trudy's murder, but Eva has a few things up her sleeve that may help, but will it be too late, or will her past may come back to bite her?

Delve into this cozy mystery with a twist. Who knew salons could be so deadly. Read to find out just how jealousy, a mystical past and a little magic can turn everything upside down.

  • Link to the Kindle version -$2.99

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