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Welcome to my World

Hello, I'm M.K. Stabley. I'm a wife, mom and author of three books, so far.

My first two books, A Killer Cut and Die at the Races are all part of the Eva St. Claire Mystery Series that I created. Eva's world consists of Magic, Murder and Mayhem, and she is front and center for all of it, along with her awesome and supportive husband Kris, as well as the pretty feisty FBI agent, that goes by the name of Jake Long. Jake has a small appearance in Book 1, A Killer Cut, but is a fairly main character in Book 2, Die at the Races.

You can't help but love Eva, and her take charge, I can do it myself attitude. She definitely gets herself into some pretty harry situations, and ages her husband a few years with each one. Their relationship is what every married couple strives for though. The love, trust and humor that they give off is #marriagegoals for all. I try to base some of their relationship on the one I have with my own husband. Yes, we are that happy... almost 23 years and still laugh everyday with him.

My most recent book is a paranormal/romance/mystery, set in Flagstaff and Sedona, Arizona, Visions of Murder... The main characters, Alexa and Max will take you on a swoon-worthy journey of trust, crazy chemistry, love and heroism. This book was my undoing, where true love and loss come together and there was one point while writing a scene, I was crying. The love that spills out on the page will leave you breathless...or at least I hope it will.

Currently, I have so many new ideas for books, that I can't keep them straight. My office looks like Office Max threw up in it. I have notebooks strewn everywhere, but my main focus right now is to get writing on Book 3 of my Eva St. Claire Mystery Series, Lying Lanier. This book takes place around Lake Lanier, located in Georgia. Did you know that Lake Lanier is considered the most haunted lake in the country? I couldn't pass up the opportunity to use it's haunted past as the backdrop for my new book.

If you're interested in checking out my books, head over to The link below will take you to my amazon author page. Give it a look see.

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