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The Talking Book Podcast-LIVE Thursday, January 13th- 7pm

We are so excited for our new Podcast to start this week. Perrie and I will be at Rise and Wine at Halcyon in Alpharetta, GA, and starting at 7pm, we will go LIVE on Perrie's Instagram and I will be streaming LIVE from our Facebook page, which is @TheTalkingBookPodcast. Of course, if you can't be with us live, the show will be on Spotify and Anchor later, just look for our logo and you can listen to the whole show that way, was well.

Join us for wine tastings while we are at Rise and Wine and stay and listen while we talk to author BB Easton and we will also feature this months Featured Author, Karen Nappa, who penned the BDSM book Savage Game.

For those of you who are in the Atlanta area that show up, you will be entered into a book giveaway, and we will announce the winners at the end of the show.

Every month we will feature a different Indie Author and we will go LIVE from Rise and Wine, so there will be other opportunities for you to join us for wine and talking books.

Perrie and I want this to be a fun show, that we can bring amazing Indie authors to light and share their works with all of you. Sometimes fabulous stories go unnoticed, simply because the writer chose to go their own way and not the traditional published route. We intend to bring your attention to them.

Our show will be Indie sponsored, Indie run, and Indie produced. Perrie and I are both Indie authors and know what it's like to have to do all of the marketing all on our own. It's not easy and most times it is not cheap. The Talking Book Podcast want to help those authors and give them a little boost.

We would be so grateful if you took the time to give us a listen. And if you are an Indie author and would like to be featured on our show, go to the Podcast sign up page on my website, fill out the form and we will contact you.

Remember, Thursday, January 13th at 7pm from Rise and Wine at Halcyon in Alpharetta, GA. We look forward to seeing and hearing from listeners and watchers.

Author Perrie Patterson and Author M.K. Stabley

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