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The Talking Book Podcast Coming in 2022

You are seeing that correctly. My friend and fellow author, Perrie Patterson and I are starting a new Podcast called, "The Talking Book." We will host this podcast once a month and we will feature Indie Authors and their books, as well as talk about the books we are both currently reading.

It will be a good eclectic mix of genres, for sure. Where I love a good mystery, suspense/romance, paranormal/romance or even military suspense/romance, she likes historical fiction, women's fiction and Young Adult, etc. We will definitely have a lot to talk about.

If you are an Indie Author, and want to get some publicity and marketing, we will be featuring one book per show and talking about it. It's really pretty easy , just click on the link below, fill out the form and if you would like for us to review one of your books on our Podcast, list that title, too. We will choose one indie book per month to review. But, even if your book is not chosen, we will still give you a shout out! The cost is $10.00. Once you complete the form, we will send you an email where you will be able to submit your $10.00 via PayPal or Venmo and we will tell you which month and the date we will be mentioning you on the Podcast. It is that easy.

Perrie and I can't wait to read your book and meet you!

Click on my Podcast page in the menu.

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