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Switching Gears and Changing it up

After much thought and going back and forth with the manuscript for "Of All the Fates," I've decided to continue writing it, but not as just the romance it was supposed to be, but as a romantic suspense book.

I had come to a complete dead end with that manuscript and was about to completely trash it, but I have since brought it back into the light and I am going to change it up and make it a suspense filled novel.

I know myself well enough to know that I cannot write a straight-out romance novel. My books need more; more action, more mystery, maybe even a little bit of darkness, if you will. That is just how I write, and that is also probably why I came to a dead end on that manuscript to begin with... I was writing something that isn't me.

I am now re-working the outline for the book and adding in new characters. I believe I will be more satisfied with this version than the one I originally started writing.

So, this is the life of a writer. I have three manuscripts in progress, this one, book 4 in Eva's series, which I also switched to a different line of thought- I was having them head to Savannah, GA in book 4, but alas, my brain went to St. Petersburg, FL and Grand Prix racing... I know, I can't explain it either, it just happens. But I also have the Psychological Thriller in there, too, talk about a lot of things going on all at once.

I get asked this question a lot... How can you write multiple books, under different genres, all at the same time and keep each one straight, in your mind? The answer is this, it is extremely difficult and not easy, at all. I don't recommend it and sometimes my brain is like scrambled eggs trying to decipher what I want to write. So many ideas, so little time. And I also now have a small business on the side, so that divides my time, too. Plus, I need to time to just not have to think and let myself breathe.

The direction that I am going to take Of All the Fates, I think, will be a good one, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, this book will still have its share of romance and sparks flying, but it's also going to take you on a suspense filled adventure. You will see the dark side of how people truly are greedy and evil, which in the real world, happens on a daily basis; more so than we want to admit.

So, my projected timeline of having this book done, as of now, is going to be October 1, 2023, that way it is out before I head to Fort Mill, SC for Authors After Midnight author event, October 7th, 2023. I will be updating my website with more information about that, in the coming months.

I am truly thankful for all of the opportunities I have been given and look forward to seeing where they all take me. I will be doing local markets, farmers markets, as well as book events this year, so it's going to be a busy and hopefully profitable year.

All in all, getting to meet new people through these events is more important than the money, though that is a plus.

So, to all of you who look forward to reading my next books, and have read my previous ones, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support. Until next time, keep reading and let your imagination flow.

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