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Puppies make the world a better place.

I know I have been MIA for a bit, but I have a good excuse, or should I say, an adorable excuse.

A new member of the family has been added, and she is the cutest little white floofball, you'll ever meet. Her name is Sophie and she's a Maltese. Sophie is 12 weeks old, and such a sweetheart.

Now, I haven't had a puppy since 2006 and haven't had a dog in over 4 years. My yorkie, Bella passed away 4 years ago, and I was devastated. It took me a while to be ready for another one, but I knew when I saw Sophie, that I was finally ready.

Just a quick FYI, puppies are a lot like babies, as in they not only need a lot of attention, but they also wake up at odd hours in the night, needing to go potty. So, that first week with her, I was a zombie. I was 17 years younger when I last had a puppy in the house and forgot all about the those 2 and 3 am walks outside. And then there are the energy spikes... WOW! If anything, Sophie is getting me to get my 10,000 steps in every day, that's for sure.

Puppies can make for a great weight loss program, but they also make for great entertainment. She is so funny and such a cuddle bug.

When a little puppy falls asleep on your shoulder, it just makes you melt. And Sophie can make the hardest of hearts melt like butter.

I think everyone, at least once in their lifetime should have a puppy. They are good at de-stressing you, they love unconditionally, and they are great little companions.

Grant it I haven't written much in the last month, but it has been worth it. Some things are better left put on the back burner, for a little bit, and Sophie is worth every penny.

She will definitely be spoiled; actually, she already is. I bought her a stroller (specifically for small dogs), a sling carrier, and she has a puppy playpen. I know, a little overboard, right?

You all know I travel a lot, and Sophie got her first taste of that this past weekend, when we went up to Ohio to help my son get moved into his bigger place. She was a champ. She slept in her carrier in the car, did exceptionally well in the hotel room, and while we were packing stuff, she hung out in her playpen, not without making herself vocal, of course, but all in all, she did amazingly well. I'm thankful she adapted to all the new surroundings as well as she did. And she loved meeting her big brother, however, my son was a bit afraid that he might accidentally step on her, because she is so small. She kept him on his toes, literally... she liked jumping at his feet. HaHa.

So, if you can, find yourself a little floofy furball of your own, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Check out any of your local rescue groups, or your local humane society first, because those poor pups need the love and care they so desperately deserve. I have allergies to a lot of dogs, so I had to go through a breeder, because the humane society near me didn't have any dogs that were hypo allergenic.

Having Sophie does make the world, well, my world, a better place. Right now, she is napping, so she's let me get this post written, God Bless her. I'll continue taking advantage of those naps, to get more writing done on my upcoming book, "Of All the Fates," due to release, October 1st. Until the next time friends, keep reading, and visit your local humane society, even if it is just to play with the dogs that are there. They welcome that.

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