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New Year, New Look

Happy 2023!

I hope everyone had a blessed holiday and you are all staying healthy. So far, we are as health as we can be, and hope to stay that way.

Soon, I will be traveling back to my hometown in Ohio for a week, to visit my parents, but as soon as I get home, I'll be participating in a local author event at John's Creek Books and Gifts in John's Creek, GA. This will be to celebrate the one-year anniversary of The Talking Book Podcast that I used to co-host with author Perrie Patterson. She has taken over the podcast and is doing a great job. If you like podcasts, go check out The Talking Book Atlanta on Spotify. She will be doing a couple of live interviews from the bookstore the day of the event, as well. You can check out my Upcoming Events and shows page for more information on that, and on other events coming up.

Speaking of Perrie, she will also have a new book release coming out on January 15th. The new book she wrote is a Historical Fiction titled, Leader of Liberty, Tale of America's First Spy Ring. This is her fifth book. So, if you're a history buff, this is definitely one you should check out.

Now, I said "New Year, New Look" - I meant that in a few different ways. I am revamping my website a bit, and my own look as well. If you haven't already noticed, I'm no longer blonde, but back to my natural hair color, which is brunette, and still hiding the gray hair. :) But that could change at a moment's notice, too. When it comes to my hair, I'm quite fickle. Ha ha!

My point is, that we all tend to use the new year as a way to try new things we normally wouldn't. And that brings me to another new for me...a completely different genre to write. A manuscript I started writing four or five years ago, I am bringing back to life. It's a psychological thriller, that is set inside an Insane Asylum. For those of you who have read the books I have out right now, this is a huge change for me. It will be dark, but will hopefully suck you in.

Never fear though, those that are fans of Eva will see a new book in that series by the end of this year, as well. She'll be traveling to Savannah, Georgia this time. I'm seeing a research trip in my future for this one. It's as good an excuse as any, right?

So, lots of new things are in works, not just writing, but other ventures as well. I'll be launching my new podcast this year under my Mandy Talks...A lot channel, too. I will be bringing guests on that work in the industries that I am most interested in. Those will include people in food industry, restaurant industry, travel industry, fitness, photography and also writing. I will have more information on that, as it gets closer.

Happy New Year Everyone! Do one thing every day, that you have never done before.

Much Love,


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