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New Book Release Week

Yes! Book 3 in my Eva St. Claire Mystery Series is finally coming out, this week. Friday, August 5, 2022, to be exact.

I am so pumped to get this story out, but I'm hoping I haven't over-hyped it, too much. The big thing about this book, is that it is centered around Lake Lanier, in Georgia. We moved to Georgia almost two years ago, and I knew I wanted to do a book that was set around this particular lake. The history and stories told about this lake are those of folklore.... or are they?

In this new book, I share a bit about the actual history of Lake Lanier, and some of the far out stories that go with it, but the main story itself revolves around a boat manufacturer that exports his cigarette boats all over the world, but it's not just the boats he exports, and that knowledge alone has his assistant/office manager in shock and in the way.

I don't want to give too much away about Lying Lanier, but let's just say, Eva and her talents are growing, and FBI Agent Jake Long, has more at stake with the investigation that ensues in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kris, Eva's husband is trying to wrap his head around all the changes coming at him, left, right and center, and doing his best not to sit on Eva and lock her away, to keep her safe, even if it's from herself. But, he's the husband every woman dreams of; he's protective, funny, looks at her like she's the only woman on the planet, and loves her unconditionally.

Those two are #relationshipgoals, even Jake can see that. Jake is even feeling the over-protectiveness instinct kicking in, when it comes to Eva.

So be sure to check out Lying Lanier - Book 3 in my Eva St. Claire Mystery Series.

Oh, and bonus for you all this week - Book 1, A killer Cut and Book 2, Die at the Races, are both FREE on Amazon Kindle this week, Monday 8/1 - Thursday, 8/4, leading up to the release of the new book, on Friday, August 5th.

Now, go pick those up and pre-order Lying Lanier while you're at it. :)

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