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Doing everything but writing

Happy Fall Y'all!

I know I have been MIA for a few months, and I may have totally forgotten how to write, but here goes.

We have had a lot going on since my last blog post in May. Our sweet fur baby girl, Sophie, is doing great. She will be eight months old next weekend, already. She has the sweetest personality and loves all the people. We keep her socialized by taking her pretty much everywhere we go.

I got to spend over two weeks in NE Ohio at my parents (my childhood home) in August, when my father underwent a pretty risky surgery. He is doing much better now, thankfully. I'm truly grateful I got to spend time with them. And we are looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with them.

This past summer I got to participate in the Farmers Markets that were held in the town we live in and got to meet some wonderful people along the way. I had a booth and sold signed copies of my four books, and all of my beaded accessories and hats that I make.

Writing the books that I started this year still haven't gotten much work done on them, and it's a bit frustrating, but honestly, I just haven't been feeling it. I believe my writing muse up and ditched me. Pretty rude, am I right? Anyway, if I caved in and sat my butt down at my desk, made myself focus on my manuscript, I may actually make some progress.

My reading however, that is a whole other ballgame. I finish about three to four books a week. So, with that being said, I came up with yet another one of my brilliant ideas...(insert sarcasm) A podcast based on the books I read the previous week. I give information on the authors, a synopsis of the books, then my thoughts on what I thought of the books. I aptly named it "Book Obsessed Author" I thought that was pretty apropos, don't you?

I figured I may as well try to do something that has to do with writing and books.

My life is kind of controlled chaos at times, but my creativity is still being let out to shine, just in different ways. I love when my two girlfriends here in Georgia and I get together and make fun craft items, too.

Creating things, whether it's weaving words to make an intriguing suspenseful mystery, or threading beads onto wire, I'm creating an original design that came from my imagination.

So, in closing, remember to keep your imagination working, doing whatever it is that sets it on fire and keeps you creating all the things.

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