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As if I didn't have enough to do-

So, as if working on three books, a podcast and prepping to move into a new house wasn't enough of a challenge for me, I've decided to add another project to the list, another podcast. This one will be called "Mandy Talks...A Lot". Seemed fitting, right? Well, those who know me well are definitely nodding there head in agreement with that name, for sure.

So, in this new show, I will be featuring subjects that entail things that people enjoy doing in life. My questions to myself were, "What do I enjoy doing? What makes me happy? What makes me smile? I love photography, always have, traveling has always been a source of joy in my family, cooking and going to restaurants is typically an experience for me, that gives me all the happy feels, and of course reading and writing give me a way to escape the everyday crap, but we also need to workout on some level at every stage of life, too. So with that being said, it can be a source of enjoyment as well. Don't roll your eyes, I'm serious. You can literally have a great time working out, and in one of my shows, I will give you those fun little secrets. Think lots of upbeat music...

Sounds fun, right? Well, that is the plan. I want my shows to be fun, informative and maybe even a little inspiring. If nothing else, they'll surely be entertaining. :)

I will have guests on some of my shows that are actually in the industry of writing, food and restaurants, professional photographers and those that are in the fitness business.

I am really looking forward to having some fun with this project. I have made specific Instagram and Facebook pages for this new venture and ask that you check them out, if you're interested. The Instagram page is @mandytalksalot and the Facebook page is @mandytalksalotpodcast.

Check on my website here, my IG pages, FB pages and even YouTube, under Mandy Talks A Lot, for show updates.

Until then, keep on keepin on.

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