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After August's Marathon, I had to ask myself -WHY?

August 18, 2022, from the Atlanta National Golf Club in Milton, Georgia, nine authors gathered with a host of readers to mingle and talk books. NYT Best Selling author, Karen White was the guest speaker, and she did not disappoint. Her stories were both informative and quite entertaining, Karen's personality is actually quite funny.

When you think of authors, you think of the ultimate introvert, right? Wrong! At least that was the case with most of the group I was with that night. Of course, I guess if you get us all talking about the books we wrote, and the characters in them, it gives the opening to discuss something we are all passionate about, and we can talk forever. Me on the other hand; I don't need much prompting to talk, I'm an extrovert, which in itself is a blessing and a curse.

I've gotten off track, as I normally do in these posts, but I digress, there is a reason for this post, I promise. :)

So, now that Book 3 in my Eva St. Claire series has debuted, Books n Bites is over, and a new season of The Talking Book Podcast is officially underway, what else is there for me to do?? SO MUCH! I knew August was going to be crazy, and now that it is almost over, I'm still going to be busy, but with other things. I've officially taken on a CHANGE YOURSELF and YOUR LIFE attitude. What does that entail, you ask?

I've asked myself questions about what I want to do with my life. Have you ever had that conversation with yourself?? I wouldn't recommend it, it's scary.

*Do you want to continue writing?

*Do you want to do something different?

*Do you want to go back to work?

*Do I need to change my lifestyle choices? (i.e. diet, fitness) "Of course you do!

*Do you want to continue doing the podcast?

These are just some of the questions that were plaguing my mind - Because I do all of these things...writing, podcasting, blogging, design marketing material, etc... and do you know what, I don't get paid CRAP for my time. All of these things take a lot of time out of my day.

As of this past Monday, after seeing some of the not so flattering pictures of my 51 year old self, I decided that diet and fitness were going to have to take top spot in my life. I joined a Planet Fitness near me and started eating better. I made four trips to the gym this first week, and well, I felt great afterwards. Two hours, four days a week is a good start, I think.

Okay, so I have the fitness and diet thing going...what's next? I want to continue to write books? Yes, I think I do. I have three up my sleeve, right now. The romance "Of All the Fates", Book 4 in my Eva St. Claire series, "Slaying Savannah", and a Psychological Thriller, "Residing with Evil", which I began writing almost six years ago. That one took a back seat to everything else I started writing, but it will get done.

Now, do I want to go back to work?? As in actually make some money? It would be nice, if I could find something to work around my schedule. Do I continue the with the podcast? For now, I will, as it is only once per month. The marketing takes time to do though, but it has to be done, otherwise there's no point. And not just podcast marketing, but all of my books need attention in the marketing department, too. I don't have a publicist or a big name agent/publisher. Frankly, I'm not sure I'll ever go that route, to be honest.

So for now, I've made a bit of headway in my questioning my life and what I want to be when I grow up, or if I ever grow up...don't believe all the hype, it's not that fabulous. Ha! But, I have a few things implemented and I will continue the new journey and see where it takes me.

Check out some of the pictures below from the Books N Bites event, my new book that debuted, my beginning journey to health and fitness, the next podcast coming up, and the book I am currently writing.

**Your main focus when finding your way is, what will make you happy? Not what will stress you out. And, don't think about what other people will think of your decisions... it's not there life, it's yours and yours alone.**

Keep smiling my friends...Much Love, M.K.

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