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Author, M.K. Stabley

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About Author, M.K. Stabley

A little bit about me

     M.K. Stabley is the author of A Killer Cut, Die at the Races, Lying Lanier, and Visions of Murder.  Her first three books are from her Eva St. Claire Mystery Series.  They are what she considers mysteries with a paranormal twist.  As for her book, Visions of Murder, that is a paranormal/romance/mystery, that takes place in and around Flagstaff/Sedona, Arizona.   

       By the end of 2024, she is hoping to release two new books, the 4th in her Eva St. Claire series and a new romantic suspense titled Of All the Fates.
     M.K. worked for five years in a salon and spa in a small town in Ohio, which is where she got her inspiration for her first book, A Killer Cut.  Now, she and her husband are living in the South and loving the heat, while their only son, a graduate from The Ohio State University is still in Ohio and working as a Staff Accountant for a private jet company.
     M.K. is not only a writer, but she also designs custom beaded pens, letter openers, wine stoppers, hats, and jewelry, which is on her Etsy store site at Beaded Bougie Designs, started a podcast titled, "Book Obsessed Author" and she maintains a blog that she keeps up with on her website here. 

     M.K. is an avid reader, who loves multiple genres, and has a plethora of hobbies, which include writing, reading, photography, crafting, traveling, hiking, cooking/baking, and working out.  To say she is multifaceted, is an understatement, but she loves every bit of it.

   M.K. has a YouTube Channel titled, "Mandy Talks... A Lot."  The premise of this channel is to do vlogs, trailers for her books, jewelry and pens.  You can find her podcast on Spotify under Book Obsessed Author, and they go live every Tuesday or Wednesday.  
     M.K. also loves interacting with her readers on her Facebook and Instagram pages, so go check out all of her social media accounts and stay in contact with her. 

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Available Books

Author, M.K. Stabley always has so many ideas jostling for attention in her mind, which leads to some pretty remarkable literary works. Have a look at her collection of writings, starting with her first release, A Killer Cut back in June, 2020.


A Killer Cut

Die at the Races

May 1, 2021

Lying Lanier

August 5, 2022

Visions of Murder

June 30, 2021

June, 2020

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A few quotes from my books

Author, M.K. Stabley thought it would be fun to give you a snippet or two from a couple of her books.  You can explore for yourself below.

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